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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Cricket highlights: Day 2 of Vincy Premier League (2020) T10

Vincy Premier league is a franchise led T10 competition which being held in the Caribbean islands of the St Vincent and Grenadines. In the Day 2 of Vincy Premier League, 3 matches have been played. The First match in the day 2 was between La Sourfriere Hikers and Dark View Explorers. These 2 teams have won their first match against their opponent team.

Vincy Premier League

Day 2, Match No.4 in VPL 2020. La Sourfriere Hikers vs Dark View Explorers

La Sourfriere Hikers were Batting first and the Explorers were at Fielding Side. The Captain Desron Maloney and Salvan Browne started the innings. Maloney starts the innings with the boundary and six runs comes of in the 1st over. But in the next over he got out and the score was 11/1 in 1.4 overs. And then Dillon Douglas comes off and the both started to hit more runs. The Run rate was more than 10. Even though they lost wickets in the upcoming overs, their run rate did not decrease. They reached 100 in the 9th over and their total was 109/6 in 10 overs. That was extraordinary performance by everyone in the team.

Dark View Explorers need 110 runs to win in 10 overs. Explorers started the innings with big runs. 14 comes off in the 1st over. But after that Hikers bowlers reduced the run rate of the Explorers. They need 64 runs in 5 overs. The match was going close and thrilling. They need 26 in 2 overs. Explorers hit back and in the last over they need 13 runs. Last over, 1st ball was a dot ball and in the 2nd ball batsman runs a single. Need 12 from 4 balls, when Explorers ran for a quick single, they got run out. That was a good last over from the bowler. La Sourfriere Hikers won by 6 runs and they claimed second victory in the Vincy Premier League (2020) T10.

Match No.5 in VPL 2020. Fort Charlotte Strikers vs Salt Pond Breakers

Salt Pond Breakers bat first and that was a decent start from both the batsman. The wicket comes off in the 2nd over and in the 4 overs their total was 33/1. And in the next overs more runs came as well as more wickets. And the final score of Breakers was 88/6 in 10 overs. 

Strikers need 89 from 10 overs. Not a good start from the Strikers. Run rate was low. They scored only 27/2 in 5 overs. And in the last 3 overs they need 52 runs. Sudden a twist from the batting team, 20 runs come in the over and they required 32 in 2 overs. But the rage stopped in the 9th over and Salt Pond Breakers won by 20 runs. They registered their second victory in VPL 2020.

Match No.6 in VPL 2020. Grenadine Divers vs Botanic Garden Rangers 

Both the teams are yet to register their victory in the VPL T10 cricket league. Grenadine Divers were batting first and it was a very slow start. They scored just 9 runs in the first 3 overs. And in the next 2 overs, they managed to get some runs and their score was 36/2 in 5 overs. Wickets were falling and their run rate did not increase. Their total was 66/5 in 10 overs.

Rangers need 67 from 10 overs. That was decent start from the batsman. Their total was 41/2 in 5 overs. Rangers chased the total easily and registered their first win in the Vincy Premier T10 league. Botanic Garden Rangers won by 7 wickets. It was the second lose for Grenadine Divers in the league.

Match Results

Match No.4 - La Sourfriere Hikers beat Dark View Explorers by 4 runs.

Match No.5 - Salt Pond Breakers beat Fort Charlotte Strikers by 20 runs.

Match No.6 -Botanic Garden Rangers beat Grenadine Divers by 7 wickets.

Disclaimer: This website is not connected wi8th any of the officials and information available in this wensite is written with pure love on cricket by Vicky.

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