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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Ben Stokes says it wont make less competitive in closed door game

Ben Stokes is an England International Cricketer, who played an important role in winning the ICC Cricket World Cup for England.
Ben Stokes

The World Cup Winner says that the element of competitiveness will not be lost even if action unfolds before empty stadiums. He also added that there is no issue in International cricket becoming a "TV only sport" till the corona is under control.

Stoke's opinion was sought whether the upcoming England vs West Indies series at home in empty stadiums.

Stokes said in BBC radio 5 live that,"I don't think so. think about it, we are walking out to represent our country, three lions on our chest and there is a game that we are supposed to win. So whether it is in front of nobody or like we are used to in-front of a full crowd, i don't think it's going to take that competitive side away."

Stokes also accepts that it will take sometime to adjust to the possible scenario after being used to playing in front of a capacity crowd.
Ben Stokes

He said that,"Yeah, completely different scenario to get our heads around that there isn't going to be the atmosphere or cheering when we play international games."

"We would do anything to get cricket back on TVs and people, who follow and watch. if that means playing in front of nobody then so be it," he said.

 He continued that,"we are still not hundred percent sure when that's going to happen. Everybody's concern at the moment is safety and well being of everybody."

"Players and ECB (England and Wales Cricket Board) are not going to push anything until everybody is satisfied, without having to worry about whether people are going to be exposed or put in danger to anything."

"At the end of the day, cricket is just a sport and it's the safety, health and well-being of everybody involved, not just in the team but around cricket community is important right now."

Disclaimer: This website is not connected with any officials, the content in the cricloop is written with the love on cricket by vignesh alias vicky.

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