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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Steve Smith shares Batting tips : 2nd Part

Steve Smith is an Australian International Cricketer and Former Skipper of the Aussie Cricket Team. In the Previous Week, Smith shared (in Instagram) about  two authentic swings, that a batsman has. Also in that he said about the importance of pointing the foot towards the correct direction to defense the ball and to drive the ball. As he promised that he will share the next part of the batting tips in coming days, he posted recently in Instagram.
Steve Smith

In the last video he said about, how to use the top hand to defense and drive the ball. In this video, he said about the second authentic swing, that is to use the bottom hand to hit the ball more powerful. He said that,"First of all I want to stay side as long as possible. So it is big different than the first swing where we wanna get out our foot open and use the top hand. So I think we wanna try to keep this for locked in for as long as possible and what that does is keeps your hip locked in. If I open my foot, the hip turns around and I will be losing lot of power."

The 30 year old Smith that, the other thing he do is move his foot and lock himself and it just helps him to not go so far when he try to muscle the ball. Smith also mentioned something about the Golf and Baseball Sport. He said that,"Golf is the side on for as long as they can and they can hips locked in and they get the full swing at the back. Baseball also the same. You don't see them standing up like pointing the foot straight, you see them standing side on keeping hips locked in as long as they can and letting their bat go back as far as possible. I think that is also important when you try to hit the ball as far as you can, you should not stop the swing at the half, you should swing up to back to hit and therefore creating the most power of the bat."

The Former Australian Skipper also mentioned something about the Indian Cricket Player Rishab Pant.  He said that,"Someone who do the bat swing up to back really well is Rishab Pant. He watches the ball close and lets his bat up to back and hits lots of sixes very long way."

He ended up saying that staying side on and hitting the ball is very important and said he will be back in some more videos soon.

Disclaimer: This website is not connected or part of any officials and the content available in cricloop is written with the pure love on cricket by vignesh alias vicky.

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