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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Vincy Premier T10 League Semi Finals 1 with twists: Cricket live score

As Vincy Premier T10 League started last week in the St Vincent & Grenadine islands, the league matches comes to end and Semi-finals have been started. In the total of 6 teams in the league, top 4 teams qualifies for the Semi-finals. Salt Pond Breakers, La Sourfriere Hikers, Botanical Garden Rangers & Grenadine Divers are the top 4 teams in Vincy Premier T10 League which qualified for the Semi-finals. 

VPL T10 Semi-finals 1: Salt Pond Breakers vs Grenadine Divers

VPL T10 Semi-finals 1

Divers to Bat first

Salt Pond Breakers won the match when Salt Pond Breakers & Grenadine Divers faced each other in the league match. Now they face each other once again in the Semi-finals. Divers won the toss & choose to Bat first. Romano Pierre & Asif Hooper started the innings for Divers. That was a slow start from the batting team. The score was 10/0 in 2 overs. Left-arm spin bowler Javid Harry comes off to bowl and 8 runs comes off from the 3rd over. Ambris bowls the 4th over and it turns up into a big over for Divers. 21 runs comes off in the over and score was 39/0 in 4 overs. And in the next over also 10 runs comes and it was a good first half for the batting team. In 5 overs Divers score was 49/0. The first wicket comes off in the sixth over. Captain Asif  hooper was bowled out by Strough. After the 1st wicket gone, the run rate again started to reduce. Another wicket falls in 7th over and score was 64/2 in 7 overs. The 8th over turns into favor of the bowling team. 2 wickets were fallen & only 4 runs comes off in the over. Divers innings fall apart. 3 more wickets falls & struggling to hit runs. 68/7 in 9 overs. At the end some runs comes to the batting team Divers and their final score was 82/9 in 10 overs.

Breakers need 83 runs in 10 overs

What a beginning for the bowling team Grenadine Divers. Innings started with a wicket Kadir Nedd goes for duck. And 3 more wickets gone in the 1st over. No one expected this type of twisted beginning over in the match. Breakers were 7/4 at the end of 1st over. Then in the coming overs also, bowlers kept the run rate low of the batting team Breakers. At the end of 5 overs, Breakers were 30/4 at the run rate of 6 per over. The first half were in the favor of bowling side. Then the match slowly turns into Breaker's side. Both the batsman started to hit more runs from the 6th over and the run rate increased. In the 8th over Stapelon got run out for 42 runs. At the end of 8 overs, Breakers were 71/5. Breakers need 12 more runs to win & they scored that 12 runs in the 9th over itself. Eventhough Divers took 4 wickets in the 1st over, but still they couldn't able to make the match their side. Salt Pond Breakers won the match by 5 wickets & enters into the finals of Vincy Premier League T10 (2020).

Match Result: Salt Pond Breakers beat Grenadine Divers by 5 wickets and enters into final.

Disclaimer: This website is not connected with any officials and information available in cricrazz is written on pure love on cricket by Vicky.


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