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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Virat kohli or Steve Smith: AB De Villiers answers

AB De Villiers is an South African International Cricket Player and also plays for Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in IPL.  He is often known as Mr.360. 

Speaking in the Instagram live chat with Pommie Mbangwa, AB De Villiers was asked to choose between Virat Kohli or Steve Smith. AB de villiers answered that question with the explanation.
Kohli & Smith

AB De Villiers said that,"It's difficult to pick between Virat and Smith. Virat is definitely the more natural ball striker. Smith is also up to that. Virat is like Federer, Smith is like Nadal. Smith is mentally very strong and figured out a way of scoring runs, hr looks odd at the crease, doesn't look natural but hr ends up breaking records and doing amazing things at the crease. But my pick is Virat, who is more of a natural ball player. He's scored runs all over the world, won games under pressure so Virat is my pick."
Virat & Sachin

Then, a fan asked a more tougher question, to choose favorite between Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli. AB de said that,"Tendulkar has been a role model for both of us, the way he stood out in his era and the things he achieved with grace is a great example for any youngster to follow. Kohli will also say that he;s the main guy and he set the standards. But I personally feel that Kohli is the best in run chases. Tendulkar was amazing in all situations, but in terms of chasing under pressure, Virat tops him. No target is safe when Virat is batting."

Disclaimer: This website is not connected or part of any officials and the content available in cricloop is written with the pure love on cricket by vignesh alias vicky.

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