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Monday, May 18, 2020

Virat Kohli recalls some advice & incident from his father to Indian Football Team Captain Sunil Chhetri: Instagram live

Virat kohli is a Indian Cricket Player and the Captain of the team in all the formats of cricket. Recently, Virat Kohli during the Instagram live chat with the Indian Football team captain Sunil Chhetri, shared some advice and recalled some incidents from his father to the Indian Football team Captain Sunil Chhetri.
Virat Kohli & Sunil Chhetri

Virat Kohli shared some advice from his father that,"My Father was very clear that you have to study along with playing, only when you can say, I'm 200% Confident that I'm Going to be able to make a career out of it; then you'll solely focus on one thing." He said that it helped him keep his horizons broad while growing up.

Virat Kohli also shared about his father that,"He is the guy whop studied under the street lights, those were the circumstances at his home. From there he worked hard to became a lawyer, worked in the merchant navy as well before that. One who has worked hard doesn't understand the language. He didn't understand what was going on." He said that how his father worked very hard even in his difficult situations in his life.
Virat Kohli with his Father

Virat Kohli also added that his father always taught him to have faith in hard work and never believed in taking shortcuts to attain success. When the Coach asked bribe for selecting Virat, his father said to the coach that,"If he (Virat) can play on his merit, then fine else we do not want to play him. I won't do all this. And I was not selected and I cried a lot, I was broken." In this you can see Virat's Father always showed him the right way to achieve. He always taught him to believe in Hard work and so now due to his hardwork, Virat is currently one of the Greatest Cricket Player in the world.

Kohli also said that,"Not selecting in the team and asked bribe for selection, have taught me something that this is how the world is run. If you want to progress do something that no one else is doing. That lesson he gave me because you can only rely on your hard work hard that I saw from my father who made living, made a life for himself, and gave me right teachings by actions."

But Unfortunately, Virat kohli lost his Father in the middle of Ranji Trophy when he was playing for Delhi against Karnataka, at the age of 18.

Disclaimer: This website is not connected or part of any officials and the content available in cricrazz is written with the pure love on cricket by vignesh alias vicky.

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