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Thursday, June 11, 2020

BCCI going ahead with IPL 2020 plans, as ICC postponed plans about T20 World Cup

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) have decided to go ahead with the IPL 2020 plans, as ICC postponed the decision about the T20 World Cup. Initially, T20 World Cup 2020 was scheduled to play from October in Australia. But due to the outbreak of coronavirus, the fate of T20 World Cup this year is yet to be decided. Because the Government have implemented lockdown in many countries & also the International travel was suspended. On June 10, Wednesday, International Cricket Council (ICC) had a virtual video conference meeting. Everyone expected that, the fate of T20 World Cup this year will be decided on the meeting, but still ICC didn't have a clear view about T20 World Cup this year. The decision was postponed to next month & ICC also decided that to give the BCCI another six months to obtain mandatory tax exemptions for hosting tournaments.

BCCI President, Sourav Ganguly
BCCI President, Sourav Ganguly

After the meeting of ICC, BCCI have taken it's own move. "The BCCI is working on all possible options to ensure that we are able to stage the IPL this year, even if means playing the tournament in empty stadiums," BCCI president Ganguly wrote in a letter. 

Ganguly also added that,"The fans, franchises, players, broadcasters, sponsors and all other stakeholders are keenly looking forward to possibly of IPL being hosted this year."

"Recently a lot of players, both from India and other countries, participating in IPL have also shown their keenness on being a part of this year IPL. We are optimistic and the BCCI will shortly decide on the future course of action on this," the letter added.

No particular time period has been given by the BCCI. It is understood that BCCI can only stage IPL 2020 in India after monsoon. That mean, not before the end of September. BCCI will suffer to loss 4000 crores, if IPL is not held this year.

"The BCCI is in the process of developing a COVID-29 Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) for all  state cricket associations. Essentially this SOP is being made with a view of providing our members with a standard set of guidelines which will help the associations to resume cricket in their respective areas. The BCCI has engaged medical specialists for the drafting of this SOP. I would like to assure all our members that the office bearers at BCCI are continuously monitoring the pandemic situation and all efforts are being made to ensure that cricket resumes soon."

Ganguly also said about the changes in format of domestic cricket. he said in the letter that,"Moving ahead, the BCCI is in the process of planning the domestic competitions for the next cricketing season. We are working on various formats and options in our endeavor to ensure that various domestic tournaments are held, they stay competitive and participation is feasible. The BCCI will come up with more details on this front over the next couple of weeks."

Disclaimer: This website is not connected with any officials and information available in cricrazz is written on pure love on cricket by Vikki.


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